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Meet Scotty

Scotty Kirby has been involved in the field of photography for well over a decade.  His independent brand is now celebrating its 12th year in flourishing business.

After receiving his bachelor's degree in Biology from Arizona State University, he knew that his passion remained in the art of photography. After some deliberation, Scotty chose to follow his intuition and committed to transforming his beloved hobby into his full-time career - unknowingly the beginning of an artistic journey that would lay the foundation for his dream profession.

After countless shoots centered around traditional portraiture, Scotty found his calling while photographing a local drag artist. The creative and aesthetic challenges he faced with the transformative style that accompanied the art of drag became a personal platform where he was able to express his own individualism and talents.

Within a few short months of that first shoot, the majority of Scotty's clientele became drag artists at both a local and national level.

Living Headshot by Keegan Carlson


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